I am just SO excited to share these photos with you! :)

This shoot has been in the works since March….wow! Time has flown by super fast! We had to reschedule again and again due to all the strange weather this year and finally something worked!

I worked with Alex on this shoot and she did a fantastic job balancing posing and controlling Zip, her horse co-model! She had previous riding experience that definitely helped out with this shoot. Zip was also fantastic and I am so very honoured that his wonderful owner allowed us to shoot with him :)

Alright! Here are the photos!







I would like to give a HUGE thanks to Pat and to Ridequine for allowing us to shoot there! And to Raelyn for doing both makeup AND hair for this shoot! I absolutely loved everything! :)

You can find more out about Ridequine here: http://www.ridequinesask.com

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More updates to come! Can’t wait! In the mean time…..

I also have some hilarious outtakes too from this shoot that I will have to post as well! You will find them on my facebook page so head on over and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, just click the little “f” below: