Heading into summer means more and more engagement sessions!

The biggest question I receive is “what do I wear?” so here is a blog post to help you out with what to wear to your engagement session! :)


First of all we need to determine the look you’re going for. Do you want your photos to be fun and playful or more formal? Or both? Do you want the images to be bright or more dramatic?


Do you have a preferred season to have your session done in? Some couples love their winter activities and want a session shot during the winter months, and others prefer the warmer weather. Here are some ideas based on season:

Warm weather clothing ideas:

  • Casual: Summer dress (please avoid any crazy patterns), jeans, tank top, t-shirt, blouse, plaid long sleeve shirt, sandals, flats, or heels.
  • Formal: Evening dress (no crazy patterns), dress pants and dress shirt, jacket (can be leather as well), blouse, heels, dress shoes

Cooler weather clothing ideas:

  • Plaid shirt, jeans, long sleeve shirt, nice winter jacket (avoid anything too poofy), boots (avoid any big clunky boots and stick to something more slimming)
  • Formal outfits tend to be a bit harder to photograph in the winter due to temperatures but if you’re willing to jump in a warm vehicle or building, then back out again, try for a nice evening dress or blouse and dress pants, then dress pants and a nice dress shirt for the guys.

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If at all possible, avoid any crazy patterns. It’s best and easiest to keep everything as simple as possible, to help make the both of you stand out more! The eye will be drawn away from you if there’s some sort of funky pattern going on. Another thing to avoid are shorts or capris as they tend to create a weird shape to your body and make you legs look smaller than they actually are. Baggy clothing is another option to avoid as well since it won’t be as flattering to your body shape and hides angles and curves that will help make you look amazing! Also please avoid any logos or band clothing as well (unless you wanted a few sentimental shots of course!)


Please keep all accessories to a minimum. If you have any necklaces that are super big and chunky they draw too much attention away from your face. Anything that compliments your wardrobe (for both of you) can work, just keep it’s size to a minimum. Please avoid touques, hats (all kinds), and anything else too distracting in your hair.

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Sandals look great but make sure they are clean and a neutral colour. Boots work for any season, just make sure they are cleaned of any dirt and aren’t a super bright, crazy colour. Running shoes are a definite no-no (though I have couples who love to run and we can definitely use them more so as a prop for a couple shots!), please stick to something that is more formal. I’m a total sucker for Converse shoes so if it completes your outfit we can work with that!


If you have any props, please feel free to bring them! Just let me know ahead of time what your intentions are with them. Though I seldomly photograph with props, we can definitely set aside some time to use them. Popular prop items include signs, banners, sports equipment, or really anything sentimental to the both of you! These sessions are meant to be fun so let’s have fun with it!

What to wear to your engagement session

Hair + Makeup + Skin:

I always encourage getting your hair and makeup professionally done before your session time. Also, if your hair needs to be cut or dyed, now would be the time to get it done so you are looking super sharp for those photos! In regards to makeup, avoid anything too over the top. This is not a glamour shoot, however if you are more comfortable wearing a smokey eye vs. all natural there are so many talented makeup artists that can make it work for you! Guys: please come with fresh cut hair and styled as well. Please don’t roll out of bed and come to the session (unless of course it turns out perfectly… then I’m super jealous of you). As for skin…… please refrain from spray tans or going out of your way to tan for the session. Come as you are, your natural skin tone always looks amazing on camera! If you have tan lines (which is pretty unavoidable during the summer) I can definitely adjust it later but orange-toned skin is incredibly hard to edit and the camera struggles with it as well.

Helpful tips: 

  • Bring 2 – 3 outfits with you to your session. Make sure to have at least one formal and one casual option :)
  • Wear colours that compliment each other (think of this… Girl wearing a nice coral coloured dress and Guy wearing jeans, with a grey dress shirt and tie)
  • Please plan for 2 – 2.5 hours for your session
  • Make sure to drink lots of water and eat before you go! (Or bring snacks just in case)
  • The best light to shoot in is early evening or early morning so be prepared to get up early or be out until sundown
  • If you need help with wardrobe, please ask and send me pictures of what you want to wear. We will make sure you are getting the Engagement photos of your dreams!

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Did you know that most of my wedding collections come with a complimentary engagement session? And if you’re not already a Jackie Hall Photography wedding couple we can still do your engagement photos!! Please email for bookings and to send me all of your questions!