Welcome back to another post from Jackie Hall Photography! After a two week trip to the great north (Yukon, Northern British Columbia) I am back and ready to send some awesome updates your way! The scenery was beautiful and I love being able to drive from the prairies up into the foothills, and then into the mountains but oh boy was it the longest drive ever (30 + hours)! I would love to go back to Whitehorse but fly instead of making the 30 hour drive! This image was taken at Watson Lake in B.C., wayyyy up north! This was such a cool spot with over 60,000 signs from around the world! Those passing through will put up either a sign they made themselves (we saw dustpans, cooking pans, shoes, skateboards, etc) or signs from their place of origin. We made sure to put one up on the way back :) My fiance (Evan) and I at Miles Canyon in Whitehorse. It was so beautiful here! We were here at about 10pm and it was still so bright out! Adjusting to all the extra sunlight that is received during the summer up north was hard. This was taken at Lappie Canyon, about an hour away from where we were staying in Faro, Yukon. The water was this amazing colour and we got to watch salmon spawning, it was pretty cool! At the other end of the canyon where there were more rock formations we took our engagement I’ll have some images ready taken on my camera from the big trip in a couple days but now lets get to the images from the awesome shoot I had with Micah! She did such a fantastic job and it was great being able to work with her and take a step back from doing more whimsical-like shoots :)                     And there you have it! A big blog post for a big welcome back! :) Thanks again to Micah for the awesome shoot and to Ginette Yee for the fantastic makeup! :) More to come! Make sure to give us a follow on facebook by clicking the little “f” below!