I hope everyone enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted!

Once again it’s freezing here in Regina (surprise!) but luckily while Savannah was here last week we had some AMAZING weather to work with! It was nice to get outside and not freeze to death. We were able to shoot along 13th ave for the backdrop to our 80’s inspired shoot and what a relief it was to not have the pictures look like winter! :)

Who else is anxiously awaiting spring and summer!?!

Savannah did an amazing job like usual! We always have the shortest amount of time to shoot but always get awesome results :) Check out the photos below!








This was a super cool shoot! SO much fun! :)

Photography: Jackie Hall Photography

Model: Savannah, represented by EDGE AGENCY

I’ve been super busy with boudoir photography this passed month and have several other shoots on the go, can’t wait to upload more! :) This year I need to work towards taking more behind the scenes photos so I can add them into each post! One exciting project that I’ve been working on is creating an entire set made with paper flowers….oh.my.god. so much work! Haha. But I miss being super crafty and can’t wait to see the finished results! Definitely doing some behind the scenes photos for that!

One thing too that I’m super excited for is an up-coming special that will be running around Valentine’s Day! It will be announced on Facebook first so you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for that 😉 Click the little “f” below to keep up to date and to become a fan!

Until next time! 😀