Happy Wednesday!

How awesome is this weather? I am absolutely loving it! Summer here we come! Looks like it will storm though, which is totally fine with me too. Thunderstorms are the best :)

Speaking of storms, the next several months are going to be a storm of craziness as the summer season picks up and I couldn’t be more excited! As I had mentioned before I’ve had several requests for outdoor boudoir photos and I am definitely excited to be able to shoot them coming up here and as we live pretty far away from everyone and have a tonne of privacy! Bonus! And there are weddings coming up to be shot and my own wedding as well (oh my god…August is coming way too fast!) so there’s a million different things to plan…. but I’m keeping up!

Today’s post is from my session with Savannah while I was up visiting in Saskatoon for the weekend a couple weeks ago. It was so refreshing to just step outside of Regina and go somewhere that I hadn’t been in many years. The change of pace was great and I got to do a lot of awesome things, meet awesome people, and team up with Savannah once again to create something super fun and crazy and spooky and fantastic! Here are the images! :)






Model: Savannah of EDGE AGENCY

Photography: Jackie Hall Photography

Artistic Direction: Jackie Hall Photography + Savannah of EDGE AGENCY

Ahhh! I love it! Always an amazing time shooting with Savannah :) It’s always fun to do something overly creative and is so refreshing!

So how many of you are going to Sask Fashion Week? It’s definitely worth checking out and starts tomorrow! Can’t wait to see everyone :)

Have a great week!

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