More updates!

Two weeks ago Ashley and I were finally able to execute a shoot we had been planning since late November! First of all we needed the weather to be just right as neither of us wanted to be shooting outdoors in the cold and it hadn’t been that nice until just recently. It had been warmer but we were lacking the snow we needed. It turns out that all of our waiting had paid off perfectly and we had the best day to shoot! The skies were wonderfully overcast, there were large fluffy snowflakes falling with almost no wind and as there had been quite a lot of snow the day before, there was plenty of snow stuck to the trees! Everything came together so well.

I had ordered a wig for this shoot and it worked well with the scenery and the colour of Ashley’s eyes as well! Check out the photos below:


I’m not one to go outside much in the winter, especially to shoot, but it was definitely worth it :) If there are a few other nice days out there I’ll have to venture outdoors again, haha

I’ll be working on some fun new promos soon and will have them up within the next couple of weeks! For now make sure to check out the Jackie Hall fanpage by clicking the little “f” below and make sure to become a fan! 😉