Good day!

Sorry for the lateness on the post, things have been hectic lately! We’re in the middle of a massive renovation on our home and also attempting to move into it as well so things have been very busy! Also I had recently participated in the Cathedral Arts Festival which was awesome! It was so nice to meet everyone and to see all the other awesome vendors!

Now I’m just putting the finishing touches on a gallery show that will be happening this Friday at the Roca House! It will feature film work done by myself and all shot with my trusty little plastic Holga and I would love to see you all there! :)

For now though here is the shoot I had with Savannah! We always seem to have challenges weather-wise, this time it was an impending thunder storm that was rolling in behind us. Despite the threat of a storm Savannah did an amazing job and like always, managed to bring forth the feeling and idea for the shoot just perfectly!

We also had the pleasure of shooting with some absolutely beautiful hair accessories that were created by the talented Amanda at Simply Nevaeh Hair Accessories (link to her work after the pictures, make sure to check it out!!!) that really added to the overall look for the shoot! :)




The first location for this shoot was done on an abandoned property across the field from our new house, it features beautiful walkways and some pretty unique trees! For the second part, which you will see below, we moved down the road to a farm that was just about completely demolished due to time and the elements. It has this absolutely beautiful/haunting tree and I really wanted to have it as the main feature for the background. With the darkening skies, the wardrobe, and Savannah’s posing, everything really came together :)





And there you have it! I love these photos and am super happy I got to shoot with Savannah before her move back to Saskatoon!

Make sure you click the little “f” below to check out Amanda’s Designs! She does beautiful work! :)

More work to come! I have some very exciting shoots in the works and can’t wait to share them! Once I have all the times arranged for Friday’s show I will be posting on my facebook page so make sure to check that out by also clicking the little “f” below :)