Today is an exciting day! It marks the launch of my new monthly series where I’ll be interviewing and photographing different vendors here in Regina to help those getting married or wanting a boudoir session done to find vendors that would be perfect for them! The most common question I’m always asked is what should I wear? Who would you recommend for xxxx? Or people that don’t have a good starting point. This series is to help you with that!

First up is my interview with Clara, owner and makeup artist at The Make-Up Lounge & Style Bar! I work closely with Clara’s team on a variety of projects and wanted to share their knowledge with those who are in search of the perfect hair and makeup team for their wedding.

Here we go!

What are some essential products you would recommend to a Bride?

Definitely having a really good primer. It’s going to make your foundation adhere to the skin for a lot longer and it’s going to provide a beautiful flawless finish for it as well. Powder is a must. It is really easy to toss in your purse and have on hand when getting your pictures taken, it’s important to not look super shiny in them and powder will prevent that from happening. Purchasing the lipstick or gloss that is applied during your wedding makeup is great as well. You’re going to be kissing, eating and drinking and it’s going to come off and is really great for touch ups. I always tell people to have hairspray with them too, like a mini bottle, and it could be something like Kevin Murphy’s dry spray which will lock everything in for you. Especially when you’re dancing, it will add more volume and oompf to your hair so your style will look flawless all night. Another great item is fragrance. Besame has these really cute rollerball fragrances that can easily be tossed in your purse. A lot of memories are actually associated with fragrance so you can pick one out that will remind you of your special day even afterwards when you’re using it to go out, etc.


Any products you would recommend for the Groom or Groomsmen?

I would recommend them coming in for a hot towel shave if they can, a night or two before the day to give them a nice clean look. Cologne is great too and definitely helps with the memory association. Guys often forget to moisturize as well so that is definitely recommended. It will prevent the skin from looking red and dry and if it’s a summer wedding, definitely a moisturizer that has SPF in it because guys do burn during the day.


 Why would you say it’s important to have professional hair and makeup done for a wedding?

It’s your special day and the people that are doing your hair and makeup are trained professionals so you know that you’re going to get a flawless look and it’s going to last all day. They’re taught to make sure that the look is customized to your face, as well as the products they’re using are made specifically to last for longer periods of time than traditional makeup might. Of course working with photographers, it makes the editing process a lot easier which is nice. It’s your big day and those pictures are going to be around for the rest of your life and you definitely want to look great in them!

What are your favourite hair and makeup trends for weddings at the moment?

So for makeup I really love that we’re getting away from really, really heavy contouring and the super blocky eyebrows. A lot of people are now gearing towards a more natural look, so we’re seeing more of a dewy complexion. We’re still using highlights but not as excessively so we’re able to achieve that overall natural look for brides. For hair, we’re also seeing more of that natural trend. We aren’t seeing as much harsh updos and we’re seeing a lot more braids. A lot of flowers too, especially live ones, and flower crowns which we love!

What do you think you’ll see more of in 2018?

Going down the same line, a lot of softer looks, staying away from the really harsh eyeliners, the harsh brows. It’s basically just bringing out the really beautiful features that they already have and not trying to completely change their face. And for hair I feel we’re seeing softer curls and partial updos. For brides opting for the updos our stylists have been creating looks that the Bride can actually change up throughout the day! If a Bride does a soft updo, the stylist will teach them how to cut the Kevin Murphy sewing technique that they do so that they can lower it into a partial updo for a completely different look.

What would you recommend as a skincare routine in preparation for the wedding? Any favourite products?

The first thing I tell brides is do not do any facial treatments or masks at least a week up to the wedding. Any treatment or mask will tend to bring everything up onto the surface of the skin and might cause breakouts right before the wedding. Indie Lee products are definitely recommended. It’s an all natural line, really gentle on the skin and unisex, so even men can use it. I would recommend the Brightening Cleanser, which will exfoliate and brighten the skin. Hydrating the skin is very important too. A lot of people that have combination skin won’t hydrate, but that will cause even more oil to form. The skin oil from Indie Lee is very gentle or the lotion from CV Skin Labs is amazing.


Any helpful tips or advice for future Brides/Grooms?

  • A week minimum before the wedding, avoid any masks or skin treatments.
  • Avoid doing your eyebrows, tinting, or eyelash extensions right before the wedding to avoid irritations or bad surprises.
  • For the guys, definitely coming in for a hot towel shave to really exfoliate the skin to have a nice clear complexion.
  • Using a brightening cleanser (like the one from Indie Lee) to brighten the skin for both the bride and groom

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PH#: (306) 789 – 4567 Address: 600 – 2101 E Quance St, Regina, Saskatchewan

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