Spring must be coming soon because things have been getting pretty busy!

I’m anxiously waiting for the last of the snow to melt and ground to dry up to start shooting outside more often! The weather has been so up and down lately that when Jenna and I had planned for our outdoor shoot we were expecting nice weather, but it turned around and was quite cold!

Despite the cold Jenna did a fantastic job and rocked a dramatic look created by Jenna Kress!

This weekend I’ll be busy shooting again and cannot wait to share the photos as well :) Until then, here are the photos from my great shoot with Jenna! 😀






Photography: Jackie Hall Photography

Model: Jenna of EDGE AGENCY

MUA: Jenna Kress


This weekend I am launching a little something special on facebook so if you’re not a fan already on facebook, click the little “f” below! :) I cannot wait to announce it so stay tuned!

Happy first day of spring! (even though it’s snowing out….!)