Boudoir Photography is a deeply personal experience that everyone should have. It forces you to get out of that comfort zone, to have fun, maybe even to help you discover who you really are, but the best part is receiving a beautiful set of photographs to be cherished forever. How are you going to look in your photos?? Absolutely freakin’ gorgeous, that’s how!!!

I do not want to give you lacklustre photos and a basic experience. I want you to be absolutely spoiled and to give you an unforgettable experience! You will receive images (even if they are for your significant other) that you love and it is my goal to make sure that happens. Why go through such a huge process if you aren’t proud of your images? Celebrate yourself, all your hard work, the hardships you’ve overcome, and show the world how amazing you are!

Your Experience

Too nervous? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal and to be expected! Also, there is always wine available at all boudoir sessions….you know, to help with your nerves! We’re going to have a blast! And besides, who wouldn’t be nervous prancing around in their lingerie in front of a complete stranger? In our time together we’ll develop trust and you can expect to receive coaching for posing and emotion. Before we even shoot though, we’ll sit down and chat over all the details in one of my free complimentary consultations done in studio at my beautiful space here in Regina, SK.

More On The Boudoir Experience


I am SO excited to announce that I will once again be offering outdoor boudoir sessions this summer/fall! How amazing is that? These sessions are shot on a beautiful piece of private land and will definitely add some extra “wow” to your boudoir experience! With multiple areas to shoot in (field, beautiful trees, old buildings, etc.) the images will turn out absolutely stunning!

Spots are limited so book soon as only one outdoor shoot can be done per day!

Outdoor Boudoir sessions may be booked from May – September