This super special blog post is dedicated to how to prep for your photoshoot!

So you’re playing around with the idea of booking your photoshoot, whether it’s a portrait session, engagement session, boudoir, etc, and don’t really know what to expect. Today I wanted to go over everything from start to finish. Yes, we definitely go over this all in your consultation, but if you’re nervous to book hopefully this puts you at ease :)

Saskatchewan engagement

Things to Think of Pre-Booking:

Something exciting has come up in your life that you want documented, or you’re doing a session just for fun. Everyone has a different reason for their photoshoot. Here are some things to consider and some things that should be brought up during your inquiry:

  • Is there a certain style you had in mind? Did you want something bright or dark and moody?
  • What sort of feeling do you want to be portrayed in your session? Romantic, fun, candid, serious?
  • What does your dream photoshoot look like? Envision it, write it down, and send me those wishes!

What to wear to your engagement session

The Consult Stage – Booking Your Session:

Once you’ve inquired about booking (which can be done via the CONTACT page), it’s time for us to either chat over the phone or join me at my studio where we’ll sit down to chat about your dream session and to go over how you want to be photographed! Every consult is completely different (weddings tend to take a lot more time as there is more to cover) but it’s a great chance for us to get to know one another and for you to feel comfortable with the concept of being in front of the lens. Consults are especially important for boudoir as it is very comfort based and being comfortable with the person photographing you in lingerie is a must! Here are some things to bring with you:

  • Inspiration photos! These are great to use as reference for your session and an easy way to demonstrate how you want to be photographed
  • A list of locations you love or ask me for recommendations – I have a lot!
  • Important information such as:
    • Deadlines. If you need your images by a specific date, definitely let me know.
    • Any image size requirements
    • A timeline of your day. This is important for weddings or special events
    • Any other information you feel would benefit or impact your session

Regina Boudoir photography

It’s Shoot Time! What to Bring with You to Your Session:

Every type of session is completely different and we’ll go more in depth at your own personal consultation, but for starters, here is some helpful information that everyone can use:

  • Water and snacks! I can’t stress this enough. Please do not be afraid to eat or drink water before your shoot. It will make you feel so much more comfortable than to be dehydrated and starving. If we are doing any sort of walking or moving around to different locations, it does tend to wear you out so having that extra energy boost on hand definitely helps.
  • Wardrobe changes. Here is the recommended amount per session type:
    • Boudoir: 3-5 options (or more. You may also borrow from my boudoir wardrobe as well)
    • Portrait: 2-3 options. For everyone involved.
    • Engagement: 2-3 different options. An intensive list of what to bring can be found on What to Wear to Your Engagement Session¬†
    • Personal Branding: 2-3 different looks. Definitely bring your favourite outfit and a few other options
    • Couples Sessions: 1-2 different looks. Even if it’s not an engagement session, I would recommend this list of options
  • Seasonal sprays: sunscreen for summer, as well as bug spray, and lotion for winter! Especially in Saskatchewan…


What to do for Wardrobe?

A general rule of thumb is neutral tones look best! However, if your session is going to be fun and quirky, bright colours or crazy patterns do work. But like always, no fluorescent colours please! Here are a few other ideas per session type:

  • Boudoir:
    • Anything that shapes your body well: corsets, bodysuits, etc.
    • Avoid any loose fitting items around the stomach such as the babydoll
    • Stocking + garter belts are a strange wardrobe item that photograph really well!
    • Keep it as simple as you want (baggy sweater + bra + underwear) or dress it up as much as you want (fancy bra top, bottoms, garter belt, stockings, and robe)
  • Portrait:
    • For the ladies: a favourite blouse, dress pants, dress (form fitting or flowy!), jumpsuit or romper.
    • For the men: dress shirt + pants, jeans and shirt (no logos please), or suit if you’re feeling fancy
  • Engagement/Couples:
    • Casual: Summer dress (please avoid any crazy patterns), jeans, tank top, t-shirt, blouse, plaid long sleeve shirt, sandals, flats, or heels.
    • Formal: Evening dress (no crazy patterns), dress pants and dress shirt, jacket (can be leather as well), blouse, heels, dress shoes
    • An engagement bouquet! This is such a beautiful touch to bring along and definitely gives that wow factor
    • A more intensive list can be found here.
  • Personal Branding:
    • Your favourite outfit, something you would love to see yourself photographed in
    • A casual option. Think jeans, shirt or dress shirt, a casual dress, etc. Have fun with it!
    • A formal option. Think dress pants, dress shoes, suit or dress.

Vintage fashion photography

  • Portfolio Building Sessions:
    • Casual: Jeans, t-shirt, tank top, jean shorts or regular shorts, romper, skirt (no bright colours or crazy patterns please)
    • Formal: Dress, dress pants + shirt, blouse, jumpsuit (no bright colours or crazy patterns please)
  • Weddings:
    • Aside from obviously wearing such beautiful wedding attire, you can bring a few extras along with you too!
      • Shawl or throw. Can be used with just the bride or if the throw is large enough the two of you can get all wrapped up
      • Alternate dress or attire. If there’s time or a change of scenery, this is totally possible. But make sure you have this scheduled in your timeline
      • Hats for a more boho look

Sault Ste. Marie Wedding photographer

There’s a lot to think about and a lot that goes into any session, but I love working closely with you to make sure everything turns out how you imagined. At the consult we’ll go more in depth about all the little details and address any questions/concerns you may have.

Current booking status:

  • Fall/Winter 2018 wedding dates available. Booking 2019! You can find the dates on the WEDDINGS page
  • Portfolio Building Sessions on special until March 1st! Please inquire about pricing/availability
  • Grad Sessions are now booking from April – July. Limited availability
  • Boudoir bookings available for February – April (outdoor boudoir to launch end of May!). Find out more on the BOUDOIR page
  • Personal Branding Sessions are on special until March 1st! Visit the Personal Branding page to learn more!¬†

Regina headshots

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this novel! I hope it helped shed some light on what’s involved in shoot prep and I can’t wait to photograph you!

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Until next time!