Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer this year!

I am excited that we are finally experiencing some beautiful weather after all the rain and cold for like…what? the last two months? Something like that. Anyway, hopefully summer lasts a little longer this year and gives everyone a chance to get outside or go camping or swimming!

We had a bit of a break from the crappy weather to get this shoot put together with the help of the talented Jada-Rae, Raelyn who provided the makeup, and Lindi who did a fantastic job with the hair and adding all the pretty little foral elements :)

I wanted to shoot something bright and colourful. Something warm and summery, basically the complete opposite of the weather around that time. Unfortunately with all the rain came all the mosquitos…. Jada-Rae braved them all and was able to give some awesome results! It was a super fun time :)

The wardrobe was provided by Rea from Amaranth Designs and worked out perfectly for this shoot! So bright and colourful! And all the pieces are for sale as well so make sure to head on over to Amaranth’s website (http://www.amaranthdesigns.ca/) and pick up your own! We absolutely loved the yellow dress and the beautiful fabric :)


And there you have it! This was a super fun and colourful set to do! Jada-Rae did a fantastic job and really brought forth the idea I had in mind :)

I will be heading up north to the super fantastical Yukon next weekend and will be MIA for a bit until my return! No cell service or internet awaits! Can’t wait to photograph all the amazing landscapes and see all the different wildlife as well :) Before I leave do expect some updates, such as a sneak peek from my fantastic shoot with Micah! Can’t wait to share!

Model: Jada-Rae represented by EDGE AGENCY

Makeup: Raelyn Dawn Makeup Artistry (https://www.facebook.com/raelyndawnmakeup)

Hair: Lindi Edge

Wardrobe: Provided by Amaranth Designs (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amaranth-Designs/141979279173554)

Photography: Jackie Hall Photography (https://www.facebook.com/JackieHallPhoto)

Enjoy the rest of your day! 😀