I’ve finally made some time to put together a blog post with the images from my shoot at O’Hanlons with Rikki and Haley! I was really excited for the shoot for several reasons…. the team I got to work with, the location, and the finished images! Everybody was great and I had an awesome time photographing Rikki and Haley. It was awesome to have Tia along to help with hair and makeup and to showcase some of the beautiful jewelry by Pamela at Anwen Rose! :) Also we had lots of help from Leasa, who also served as our bouncer as well :)



Very happy with all these photos!

I have more photos on the way, including the images from my session this past weekend. It holds the record for the shortest shoot I’ve ever done because it was SOOOOO terribly cold outside! However all of the shots turned out amazingly well and I’ve very excited to put them up!

If you’re interested in any of the pieces by Pamela at Anwen Rose, you’ll want to head on over to her facebook page! I absolutely love the work she does and can’t wait to showcase a few more of her pieces that you’ll see in my next shoot! Click the little “f” below to get to her page!

Now that winter is on the way I’m going to start working on some more fine art material! I find it the most interesting and most challenging to do, but it definitely helps get my inspiration rolling! I’ll be working on a few different projects and will also be looking into a couple gallery shows as well since I haven’t done one in a few years! Exciting! 😀

For now, head on over to the Jackie Hall Photography facebook page by clicking on this little “f” and stay tuned for more exciting news! :)