I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

The weather definitely wasn’t the best so hopefully that turns around soon! I would absolutely love to see fresh green grass within the next couple weeks… fingers crossed!

Though it might be dreary out, the photos from my session with Micah earlier this month are definitely super warm and summer-esque! :) Luckily we had a perfect evening to shoot this and the weather was fantastic! Micah braved the extremely loud overpass for the photos and was once again great to work with! :)





And there you have it!


Photography: Jackie Hall Photography

Model: Micah of EDGE AGENCY

With April almost done, May is fast approaching! Hopefully that brings us all warmer weather. And with May comes all the awesome conventions, events, etc. I’m excited to see everyone at Sask Fashion Week! It’s great to have an event such as that in the province, it was definitely a nice surprise to come back to after moving back from Ontario! :)

I’ve also had quite a bit of requests for outdoor boudoir photos…. yes I can definitely do them! And as an added bonus I have the perfect space to shoot them in, away from the city traffic :) If you’re looking to try something new that looks absolutely beautiful, I would love to photograph you! Email info@jackiehallphoto.com for prices, packages, and availability!

See you soon!

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