[ Regina Boudoir Photography]

I’m often asked what my favourite session is to photograph.

The answer is Boudoir.

Why Boudoir?

Regina boudoir photography

I feel that with Boudoir photography it really opens women up to who they are, how strong they are, and how brave they are. We’re often made to feel small and there is just soooo much pressure from the media to look and feel a certain way that it can be extremely overwhelming. And to see, even if it’s just for a moment, the curtain lifted when the women get to see their images for the first time. That realization and the proof that they are amazing is what pulls on my heartstrings.

regina boudoir photographer

But I’m not a model or I’m too old! 

I hear these two statements a lot. And I’m always so blown away to have them even think that way, but then I look at things from their perspective. I’ve felt that I needed to look a certain way to feel good about myself or that I’m not doing exactly what people expect of me. But that’s okay. We’re all so unique and that should be celebrated. We all have incredible journeys and stories and the time spent during the Boudoir session is hearing about them and capturing the beautiful soul in front of the camera. Nobody is ever too old to have their picture taken and no matter who you are or where you’ve came from, you’re going to rock your session!

Regina boudoir photography

You can make Boudoir a quiet, private celebration or you can show the world, whatever you prefer, it’s going to be an amazing time! It’s definitely a step outside of the everyday comfort zone, but I find that every time we challenge ourselves, the outcome is incredible and we grow so much. To be able to work so closely with such inspiring women makes my heart sing. To laugh and listen to their stories, to give them the gift of their images, and to get to know them is such an honour!

– Jackie :)


2 spots remain for the November Boudoir Event! Nov. 18th and 19th! Email info@jackiehallphoto.com to save your spot

Regina boudoir photography