Hello again!!

I’ve been really excited to show these pictures to you all! I had the awesome opportunity to photograph Gracie for this shoot. The forecast looked very promising and I was pretty excited to shoot with both ambient and studio lighting for it….however, since it is spring the weather had different plans and went from nice, warm, and sunny to cold, overcast, and rainy.

Despite the weather though Gracie did an awesome job and stuck it out for the rest of the shoot! We did have to cut it pretty short though but she perfected every shot and we were able to get some awesome images :)







Best of luck to Gracie on her future adventures! You will do an amazing job! 😀

More images on the way! I’ve got a big shoot tomorrow that I’ve been working on for about a month now as well as a shoot this weekend too. Hopefully the weather holds out for both! Can’t wait to share those as well :)

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