A couple months back I got together with a group of super talented ladies to create this very fun and very creative shoot! There is only two words to describe it: GLITTER. GOLD.

I am still finding glitter to this day around from the amount that we put on Aliona, who was so patient and brought to the table some amazing statue-esque poses!

Clara did an amazing job making Aliona into the golden goddess that you’ll be seeing shortly here! The makeup turned out so well! Amanda styled the hair for this shoot and it worked out perfectly with the overall look!

I’m super excited to finally share these images! We were recently published in Plenilune Magazine so I’m able to show you what we were able to create!

Normally my images are softer toned and bright so it was great to do something different and do a darker take with some intense gold tones. And then shoot glitter so it looks like glitter and not dust or random particles! We ended up scrapping the strobes and using continuous light toward the end and it looked fantastic, definitely have to try that again!


Photography: Jackie Hall Photography | Model: Aliona Leanca | Makeup: Clara Edvi-Antunes | Hair: Amanda Bruce

November is just about full! Woohoo! Tonnes of boudoir shoots which is fabulous! They’re always such a fun time! :) I have two spots available that also come with the guarantee for all products order to be back in time for Christmas! The date is Sunday, November 15th and there are two slots available! To book, email info@jackiehallphoto.com

Until next time!

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