I’m so excited to finally share the images from this amazing collaboration between a great group of people!

Earlier in the year I wanted to get back out to the Big Muddy Valley to take some photographs. The last time I had visited was about… 4 years ago? Wow! I was still living out in Ontario and had come home to Regina for a couple weeks with my fiancé and had to show him the beautiful and unique valley. And now, four years later, it was great to get back there and to be able to shoot this fun idea!

Upon mentioning this idea several people stepped forward to volunteer their time and it was such a great opportunity to have worked with them all!

I’ll be posting the photos in groups with the appropriate credits. Here they are! :)

Jenna and Clara fixing Micah’s hair… with a fork?







Model: Beki |  Makeup: Clara Edvi-Antunes  |  Hair:  Kayla Deics  |  Choker by: Vixen Raw  |  White Floral Print Dress:  Raspberry Apparel

When I was at the Big Muddy last time Beki was one of the ones that came along and we had done a shoot around the same area this was shot in. It’s great to look at how far we’ve both come since then! :)

Clara doing some quick makeup application before Alex began her shoot








Model: Alex |  Makeup: Clara Edvi-Antunes  |  Hair: Kayla Deics  |  Harness by: Vixen Raw  |  Jumpsuit by: Raspberry Apparel


Jenna, the master umbrella wielder. Featuring Rea as my assistant while photographing Micah


It was super windy that day but Jenna rocked that umbrella





Model: Micah, represented by EDGE AGENCY  |  Makeup: Jenna Kress  |  Hair: Nilee Hannah  |  Wardrobe (both sets): Raspberry Apparel






Model: Yvonka, represented by EDGE AGENCY  |  Makeup: Jenna Kress  |  Hair: Nilee Hannah  |  Print Dress: Raspberry Apparel

Our awesome MUA’s! Jenna and Clara!


Mandatory ridiculous group photo (I didn’t do a very good job of hiding the remote though…ooops!)


Credits (counter clockwise):

Models: Yvonka (wearing a top by Raspberry Apparel), Beki (wearing a harness by Vixen Raw), Alex, and Micah.

It feels great to finally get these put out! A HUUUGEEEE thank you to everyone that was involved! And thank you for putting in so much valuable time! Also a big thanks to the designers for providing such awesome wardrobe! :)

I’ll be sharing more BTS shots on the facebook page hopefully soon, so make sure to check that out by clicking the little “f” below!




Tomorrow we’ll be heading for Wateron and Montana to tackle some big hikes, scrambling up mountain peaks, and white water rafting! So naturally this is all going to be put on Instagram! Make sure to follow along to @jackrabbit306 or by clicking the little icon below :)