google2a37e4edca1195e3google2a37e4edca1195e3 (1)Hello, hello!

Back again with another conceptual shoot, this time featuring the very stunning Emma! The goal was to shoot some dreamy, whimsical photography and she was a perfect fit for this idea! I’m very excited to show the finished images to you!

Once again I had the chance to create the setting for this shoot (don’t get to do it too often now, it’s so challenging and fun so I’ll definitely be doing it again) and was able to put together a crown of flowers, which Emma modeled off so well!

And like the last shoot we had Jenna Kress on makeup, which turned out so well! Everything came together perfectly :)

          Photography: Jackie Hall Photography Model: Emma, represented by EDGE AGENCY MUA: Jenna Kress There you have it! I am very excited for this year and all the great things that are going to happen :) I’ve been busy with boudoir shoots for Valentine’s Day (few spots left!!! Get at me asap! … and am busy planning several other shoots as well. One thing I am excited to share with all of you is an awesome program that is in the works and should be introduced next week so definitely keep an eye out for that if you are in the Regina area! There will be a special post as well as an announcement via Facebook so make sure you’re a fan by clicking on the little “f” below!