Ahhh! I am so excited to finally share all the photos from my amazing shoot with Alex!

I’m slowly starting to get a grasp on my style and used to shy away from doing darker pieces but you know what? That’s what I like to do, the direction I always seem to head in, and what gives me the best results! So from now on I plan on sticking with more edgy and dramatic photos :)

For this shoot I wanted to do something dark and beautiful. With texture and subtle colours. The first part was finding the appropriate wardrobe and I lucked out by picking up this amazing jumper from a thrift store that had everything I was looking for and to top it off, Alex brought along some beautiful vintage clothing as well! Her makeup, which was done by Jenna Kress (thank you!!!!) turned out perfectly and fit the idea very well :)

We did the photoshoot in a house I had shot in over four years ago. I was itching to find the place again and get back there now that I had the proper equipment to light and photograph the place. To start, we shot in the attic, which by the way is MASSIVE, and got some great shots. We also got to try out a fog machine as well (thank you Darryl!) which really gave a nice, spooky vibe :)

There were so many beautiful textures that we were able to work with. Every room had something different to offer! :)

Alex did a fantastic job on this shoot and definitely helped bring my idea to life :) So happy with these photos!

Did I mention how much I LOVED the texture in this place? Wow! I also have some behind the scenes photos too so watch out for those! I also need to catch up on my other shoots too…ooopsie!


And there you have it!! I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Halloween! More super fun shoots on the way and my annual bunny Halloween photo! Let’s just say they were some grumpy bunnies… but it turned out well! :)

Make sure to check back to my facebook page for those behind the scenes photos! I definitely need more and also an assistant too so if you’re interested in snapping some BTS shots and helping out on set email info@jackiehallphoto.com! :)