Hello again! :)

I’ve been keeping myself busy with catching up these last couple days with editing, editing, and more editing! It is very refreshing to have more than an hour to edit a stack of images and I’m very excited to FINALLY post the images from my session with Cristel!

I shot with Cristel right after my session with Aliona and it had warmed up a little bit by then, at least the sun was shining! Despite that bitter wind, Cristel was fantastic to work with and I absolutely loved the wardrobe she brought along for the shoot :)

We shot around the Cathedral area in Regina, SK and made use of the colourful backgrounds to give the images some life on a dreary day!

Aside from the editing, there was some time to look through boxes from like… two years ago? from when we moved back to Saskatchewan and what a surprise! Important learning material I still need to finish, going to get to that ASAP!

Note: don’t pack in a hurry when moving across the country… important things go missing! Oopps!


Good thing I found that….!

Now time for Cristel’s photos from our session! :)







Photography: Jackie Hall Photography

Model: The BEAUTIFUL Cristel, represented by EDGE AGENCY

I recently had an awesome trip up to Saskatoon this passed weekend and I can’t wait to go back! It’s great to have a change of scenery once in a while and it’s not too far away so I’ll definitely be returning! :) We usually travel East or West for like 2-4 day driving trips so two hours up North is nothing! 😀

More posts to come! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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