Good afternoon!

This post is super special as it involves one of the images from a very inspiring client of mine, Charlotte! She proves that anything is possible and that being beautiful is within everyone.

Age shouldn’t limit us, what society wants shouldn’t limit us. Charlotte’s shoot really inspired me with the fact that she broke down barriers, she was immensely confident, and wanted to send out such a wonderful message to the world with her images.



I also received this super amazing email too:


“I feel the need to say this.

Recently I was at a function where I had the opportunity to share the album you did for me. The group was men and women ages from 20 – 45ish that viewed the album.

I had several comments for sure, very positive from some of the younger gals commenting on the fact that the size of the body doesn’t matter nor the age.  Other questions I had was some women wondering how they could get a hold of you to do a boudoir shoot.  Something they said they wanted do but didn’t think they would for a variety of reasons……..and now feel they would like to for a variety of reasons.

But the message was very clear that I wanted out there… happy and embrace ones self .

The album is doing what it is suppose to do and thanx to your great photography for making that happen.

100% of the people that have seen it say  ”  they are so beautiful and  tasteful”

Jackie, You have a real gift !!!

WOW! This is exactly what I strive to do. Everybody needs beautiful photographs of themselves… ones that they love and ones that their loved ones will have to remember them by forever.

Stay tuned for some more exciting news with Charlotte!

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