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This post is extra meaningful and incredibly special.

You’ll hear me repeat it again and again: I am here to help show that everyone is beautiful, no matter who they are. I work hard to create a safe and comfortable space, especially for boudoir sessions as they are so personal. When Candice first set foot in the studio for her consult and we began chatting, I knew right away that our session was going to be amazing and one to remember!

Regina Boudoir Photography

I can’t even begin to imagine how it feels to be transitioning, how incredibly brave and daring one has to be to step out into the world, especially now, and for Candice to even consider doing a boudoir session makes her one of the bravest people I’ve come to know! Our session was so much fun and it was great getting to know more about her! Some thoughts on why she considered doing a boudoir session:

“I’ve seen boudoir photos done and just felt like the photos turn out beautifully. I wanted to get photos done for myself to feel more confidence in my own body and boudoir was the best way to do so. Also I wanted to get the photos done as my transition has begun. I will definitely do it again in a few years to see the changes.”

Regina Boudoir Photography

After deciding to take the leap and try out a boudoir session, I often hear that coming to the actual shoot the day of is the hardest. It’s not an every day session and most people feel vulnerable, especially if they’re parading around in lingerie in front of the lens. But don’t worry! Posing and direction is offered with all sessions and we usually spend most of the time chatting away!

“My experience was wonderful! I was very nervous before the session by Jackie made me feel comfortable and at ease.”

Regina boudoir photography

The biggest experience besides the actual shoot is seeing the images for the first time. All shoots come with a viewing session and is the first time clients get to see the results from our shoot. I knew how much this shoot meant to Candice and was beyond nervous to show her, but this time she put me at ease!

“When I saw the images for the first time I was simply amazed, I couldn’t believe how good the photos turned out. I have never seen myself like I did in those pictures before. When I look at the photos I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin.”


When asked about her session Candice had the following to say:

“I would say it’s wonderful and would definitely recommend anyone to get a boudoir session done. Male, female, transgender, it’s a wonderful experience and you will not regret it!”

Regina boudoir photography

What an incredible, memorable session! It means the world to me when my clients feel comfortable. My studio is a safe space and no matter who you are, I would love to get the chance to chat, know you better, and treat you to an amazing boudoir session! :)

Thank you Candice for choosing me to be your photographer for such an important and special time! I will definitely remember our time spent together and I wish you all the best in your journey! :) And a special shout out to our hair and makeup team:

Makeup: Amber Astrope | Hair: Brittany Wallace | The Make-Up Lounge & Style Bar

Until next time!!!

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