Hello, Hello!

So it only made sense to combine both my blog and website together into one place so that information, galleries, and previous blog posts can be found easily. I’ve uploaded posts dating back to the early spring and am excited to finally share this new layout! All blog posts can be found via the main page, galleries and information can be found on the left side of the screen as well as links to facebook and pinterest! Also with the new combination I would like to have a new layout for the blog posts themselves. It will basically go like this: Introduction. Behind the scenes. How it was photographed. Post production. Extra info.

I always like to see what other photographers do while shooting and thought I would give it a try myself :) So let’s begin! The last post that I put up was with the shoot I had done with Savannah (represented by EDGE AGENCY), after we were done our insanely short session we were discussing a few other ideas and wardrobe for it. Savannah came to me a couple weeks later with a great location and styling ideas for it and needless to say it turned out quite well :)

This was shot at the old Braemore building on Albert St. and I absolutely loved the old wooden doors each apartment used, the lobby, and the apartment that we shot in. I didn’t use any studio strobes for this session, just natural lighting as a harsh look with a lot of contrast would not have worked out well and we were limited with the amount of space we had to use.

Though I wasn’t able to capture any behind the scenes images I’ll briefly go into detail about it: we alternated between the apartment, hallways and stairwells, and the lobby as well. I used the light coming through the window (which was diffused from the blinds) as the main and the only light source so create very soft, subtle lighting. The daylight itself created great contrast so the studio strobes definitely would have worked to our disadvantage. I photographed this using two different lenses, a 50mm lens and lens set at about 30mm for shots that required more of the scene to be captured. I used a variety of aperture settings ranging from f 1.8 to f 5.6 to allow a lot of light to come into the lens with a slow shutter speed as well. With the slow shutter speed it definitely had to be shot using a tripod, without it the photos would have been VERY blurry!

Post production was nice and simple, just a few stray hairs removed here and there and my black and white editing, which uses the selective colour layer (my favourite!) and a little added contrast :)


That’s it for now! I’m getting excited for the new year, lots of new and exciting things to come! :) I still have a few more posts to put up so stay tuned! I will begin my bookings for the new year starting now, so if your portrait needs updating or you’re looking to try something new, get at me!

Booking info:

Email: info@jackiehallphoto.com

Phone: 306-450-3488

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JackieHallPhoto (You might want to check it out, I’ll be uploading some more images from this shoot that will only be posted on facebook!)