Brrrr! It is just SO cold outside!

I am such a summer person and am already anxiously awaiting warmer weather! Perhaps I’m living in the wrong place? Because I am so over the intese winters here, haha. California sounds like a wonderful place!

Before the cold snuck up on us I was super lucky to have been able to take advantage of the last nice day here in Regina while shooting with Brittney! Our theme was to do something vintage-inspired with a more candid approach to the photos and Brittney executed everything very well! :)

I picked up the dress that Brittney is wearing from The Dress Form, you have to check out the wonderful collection Stacey has either in Cade or on her

Thanks again Brittney for doing an awesome job! :) The look we ended up with wouldn’t have happened without the great makeup done by Ginette Yee :)

Photography: Jackie Hall Photography

Model: Brittney represented by EDGE AGENCY

MUA: Ginette Yee

Now that I have some time I will actually get around to all the behind the scenes images that I’ve been trying to edit since forever! You’ll be able to see them on facebook by liking my page, just click the little “f” below to be directed the right way! :)