[Regina SK Photographer]

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Spring (despite a few cold days)!

At the end of April we were up in Edmonton so I was hoping to get at least one shoot in while out of town. I’ve always wanted to collaborate while travelling so Edmonton was a great starting point! Definitely looking forward to doing this more during the summer. Meeting new people and photographing them in an amazing experience :)

For this first out of town collaboration I had the pleasure of photographing Alana. Of course leading up to our shoot date is was absolutely beautiful out, then the day of it was cold, windy, and rainy! We just about had to call it off but did it anyway and Alana did a fantastic job! Never the biggest fan of the cold, I’m usually the first to chicken out, so I’m glad everything worked out well and we were able to get our shots!
















Model: Alana of Numa Models


Although cold out, those overcast skies were marvelous! Thank you Alana for being quite the trooper and doing a fantastic job! :)

I have some VERY exciting news coming your way next month and absolutely cannot wait to share it with you all! It’s going to change everything, give you all a much better experience, and really improve the quality of work being put out. Stay tuned for that!!! 😀

More updates coming your way in a couple days! Until next time!